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September 23, 2020
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Eco-Friendly Corporate Art from Sylvia Greer Artworks


Green Sustainable, Eco-friendly, Environmentally Safe: California has been at the leading edge of sustainable manufacturing and business practices for decades. With this history of progressive action as our inspiration we have taken specific steps toward becoming ‘green’ and will be working hard at expanding our eco-friendly products and practices into the future! Check out

P r i n t i n g a n d I n k s: All of our Green Artworks are printed using aqueous (water based) inks with minimum VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). Many of our competitors continue using solvent inks, which are incredibly toxic and require sealed rooms with sophisticated ventilation systems to house their printers. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) is required to oversee any installation of a solvent printer in California! New ‘eco-solvents’ have sought to combat the reputation of solvent inks, but don’t be fooled by this ‘green washing.’ ‘Eco-solvents’ are the same toxic, solvent-based inks simply diluted with water. Water based inks are the greenest of the liquid inks and contain only up to about 20% glycols. Epson inks are like desktop inks and should not be considered a serious pollutant. The glycol is high boiling so it will evaporate very slowly and not be a VOC problem.

G i c l é e s o n 1 0 0 % C o t t o n C a n v a s: Cotton is sustainable, renewable and biodegradable, making it an excellent choice as an eco-friendly canvas. Other art canvases are frequently vinyl, especially if not made in the USA. Vinyl canvas is petroleum based and derived from nonrenewable resources. Our canvas is roller coated as opposed to sprayed in order to avoid placing an undue and wasteful amount of material in the air we breathe. The coating is a water-based varnish as opposed to other typical, toxic varnishes commonly available from low cost art suppliers.

G i c l é e s o n F i n e A r t B a m b o o P a p e r: Fine Art Bamboo Paper is made from 90% bamboo fibers and 10% cotton and is OBA free (no toxic, optical whiteners). As opposed to other tree based papers, bamboo is a grass that grows at an extremely fast rate making it one of the most sustainable natural materials in the world.

L u x e E d i t i o n s o n S u s t a i n a b l e B a m b o o: Our architectural plywood is made from 100% bamboo. It is a low-resin, open-grained material that takes stains and finishes exceptionally well. It is certified MR 6 as a rapidly renewable resource by LEED, (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) the primary green building rating system. Bamboo is commonly known as the greenest material available in construction and design.

L u x e E d i t i o n s o n B r u s h e d A l u m i n u m: Our aluminum panels contain recycled content. The manufacturer utilizes post-production recycling methods, including the incorporation of created waste from the manufacturing process as well as the purchase of recycled material on the open market.

L u x e E d i t i o n s o n C l e a r A c r y l i c: Although our standard acrylic has no ‘green’ qualities, we do offer a similar product that is made from 40% post-consumer recycled content. Due to the extreme difficultly of creating a clear product from recycled content, the price is considerably higher than our standard offering. Please inquire with Sylvia Greer Artworks for a custom quote.

Sylvia Greer Artworks
Corporate Art & Interiors
T: 310-474-6664
F: 310-442-0372

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